HI 5 10/23/22

I’M LATE! Well, I set the schedule so maybe not. Music. MUSIC!

Coconut Wolf -“Fresh Prince Of Self Flair” October 14

Love the floaty, breezy beat. Dudes flow kind of reminds me of MF DOOM, so great.

hey, nothing – “i haunt ur dreams” October 12

Emo folk pop. Love the aesthetic.

Wunderhorse – “Butterflies” October 7

Off of the full album Cub, “Butterflies” has some pretty epic post-rock vibes, and has some Pink Floyd flavor when the vocals kick in, satisfying and climactic song.

Fazing – “Be My Boo” October 9

I’ll be your boo. I love bedroom pop, and I love the low post-punk style vocals. There’s a really solid warmth to the production that feels like a lo-fi blanket.

Loops & Loops – “Reflection on Where The Grass Don’t Grow” October 21

Off of the full album Analog Alchemy, “Reflection on Where The Grass Don’t Grow” offers a depth of sound and richness that is usually only on offer from industry vets like Brian Eno. Loops & Loops ambient undertakings are always a vibe.

P.S.: The Existential Dread just released a new single(with more soon to come), EFFECT, which you can check out wherever you listen, or right here.

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