Gossip Stone’s “Carry On” Feels Nostalgic But Fresh

Maybe it’s just my subconscious nostalgic desire but I feel like emo is coming back. Perfect example, Gossip Stone’s “Carry On” activates those same  nostalgic pleasure centers as bands like Hawthorne Heights or Armor For Sleep, but with a more nuanced and modern approach. 

Gossip Stone arose from “too much time spent alone due to the Covid pandemic.” and “Carry On” feels like a cathartic expression of that angst. The crashy and melodramatic drums carry the pleasantly jangly and reverb soaked guitars through calm starts and climactic highs. The doubled vocals deliver a wonderfully blended and haunting harmony that matches the angsty vibes, and chunky wall of sound instrumentals. 

Gossip Stone is really coming back swinging with this one, delivering thematic and angsty indie rock that feels nostalgic and fresh. 

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