“(To You) CEO, Bitch!” Is A Chill And Violent Assault On Music Industry Norms

Gregor McEwan is a name made for a folk singer, luckily for us, Gregor McEwan does it proud. Succeeding as an artist has never been easy, and our current heavy streaming environment can feel like you’re up against a faceless machine. Gregor McEwan has decided he’s not quite giving up, and he’s got something to say about it.

Gregor McEwan hailing from “Berlin, Europe” has been creating music since at least 2010, and I love hearing this mans soft voice cuss. The contrast of his folksy and vulnerable vocals and guitar to the directed angst of lines like “Here is my song pitch/ To you CEO Bitch / Put it on the playlist/ And not on your grey list” is quite satisfying. The production captures the warmth and vulnerability of a live singer-songwriter session, and I feel like I’ve invited Mr. McEwan to sing in my living room every time I put it on.

I don’t know how it is where you’re at, but it’s a dreary foggy Monday here, and the perfect time to listen to Gregor McEwan’s quiet anger.

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