HI 5 10/14/22

I’m emerging from some pretty deep brain fog this week. Weather? Who knows.

Chanel Loren – “Rollin’” September 29

Rollin’ appropriately feels like a song to cruise or fuck too, or maybe roll a joint too, idgaf. Love the heavy bass on the otherwise breezy melody.

Howeveever – “Squirrel” September 30

A solo bedroom pop project, why would I ever listen to that kind of thing /s. This song reminds of The Shins in all of the good ways, but with some extra bedroom pop production.

Maz – “How Does It Feel” September 28

The fuzzy guitar on this is fucking great, and the vocals come in and sound like their coming from inside your head. The production on this song is fucking fantastic.

June McDoom – “On My Way” October 11

I’ve included June McDoom on one of these before, and that’s because her work is atmospheric heaven. June’s breathy and vulnerable vocals will float around in your head for a while.

Gossip Stone – “Carry On” October 14

Carry On feels like a nostalgic throwback to the days of Hawthorne Heights and Armor For Sleep, but with better lyrics than at least the former. Love the jangly guitar riff and the harmony vocals.

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