HI 5 10/8/22

I don’t know if I explicitly wasn’t putting hip-hop on here, but I’m changing that this week regardless.

Hippie Jon “Lately I’ve Been Crazy” October 1

I’ve technically covered Hippie Jon before, way back at Exfer, but I missed most of his set. Shame. Hippie Jon’s music has a Lo-Fi swagger that’s difficult to describe exactly. His music seems to follow his own rules, and I love it.

DWY “Self-Contained” September 23

Honestly, I’ve been finding some fantastic shit of spotify’s Fresh Finds. This song is minimalistic and strikes at the core of R&B, with soulful guitar and quietly powerful vocals, all wrapped with perfectly subtle production.

Dre Wave$ “WEIGHT” September 16

Man, I don’t fucking know how to write about Hip-Hop but here we go. I love the cruisey beat, and Wave$ flow is good. Fuck me man. Amateur shit on my end.

nobigdyl. “SLEEPIN!” September 30

Look, is it my love of MF DOOM that is subconsciously making me pick hip hop songs with ALL CAPS. Probably. I dig dyl’s delivery, it is appropriately chill, his flow is “Handsome like Bradley Pitt.” Plus I love the beepy beat.

Scumbag Fred “Broke Boy Rich” June 29, 2019

So, old shit, but, Scumbag Fred is like the only indie rapper I know. Also, we DM’d a bit way back. I think we were both high, and he was trying to get me to buy merch. Who knows, told him I loved the punk influence in his shit. Still do. Anyways “Scumdog Millionaire” is a great album, so listen to that shit.

P.S. I recently released a weird ass symphony with vocals and shit, which you should check out on Bandcamp.

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