Sick Day’s “Love Is A State In Mind” Quietly Demands Your Attention

Besides the Metro-Detroit area, Chicago is probably the music scene I have the most inherent passion for. Part of the reason is just it’s proximity, Chicago is a city I can drive too, but I think most of it is because that was Kyle’s scene, so paying attention to it allows me to feel like I’m getting to know him in my own way (unfortunately Kyle passed away before I met Haley). I’ve managed to discover a few great Chicago bands, but my favorite is still Sick Day. I got a chance to see Sick Day quite a while ago at Exferimentation brewing, (actually wrote about it on This Music Blog Sux before I made everything DWR) and enjoyed the band so much at the time I bought a hat. I say all of that to say I was pretty stoked for this one since it was announced, and Sick Day’s “Love Is A State Of Mind” does not disappoint. 

Sick Day has been making music since late 2020 and consists currently of Olivia, Ryan, Robby, & Jen. Sick Day’s music is infectious indie that frequently forays into more of an indie folk flavor, especially with this most recent release, and has Olivia’s intimate and excellent lyricism at its core. Their previous EP’s, 2020’s “Sleeping In The Dark” and 2021’s “Deja Vu” were both excellent, and it’s nice to hear them finally expand into a full album.

Brew some coffee/tea, put on something warm, put on a pair of headphones, put on this album and stare out the window. This album is enjoyable in a lot of ways, but I think that’s the best one. There is an attention to detail in the songwriting and production that elevates the music into something that feels poured out of the heart. There’s a bedroom pop flavor that intertwines the instruments into a comforting blanket. Olivia’s vocals always float above the music in a way that feels introspective but not detached. The acoustic guitar especially feels grounded and full, giving the folkier songs a satisfying depth. The rhythm section is especially on point on the more climactic songs, with the bass delivering a heaviness to the low end, and the drums building excitement and carrying the tension. Sick Day really captures the vulnerability of the 2000’s indie folk movement that reminds me a lot of artists like Mirah, while also delivering satisfying and more climactic rock moments. 

Love has certainly been a much covered subject, but “Love Is A State Of Mind” doesn’t feel like tread upon ground. They synthesize folk, rock, and bedroom pop into something that feels familiar, but also personal and intimate. There is an epicness to the construction of this album that keeps me coming back, and I’m usually pretty focused on listening. I feel like there is a story being told on this album that demands being heard uninterrupted.

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