HI 5 7/25

Ooo, that’s a good one. HI 5 7/25 sounds good. Anyway. I write for Rock At Night sometimes now, so keep an eye out for that, and here are some songs for you beautiful people. Pulling some older stuff for this one, not enough releases to stay as ultra current as I’d like.

MEG/\DETH TEE – OH Lonesome Ana, July 15

You can check out my full album review on Rock At Night here. My favorite off the album. Adult emo with stunning lyricism.

In Nature – sleepyhead, July 22

I believe I’ve mentioned this brit-pop band before, and they deliver another wonderfully catchy and upbeat single.

Mania – The Hourlies, May 21

You can check out a full EP review here. My favorite off the album, great riff-based indie rock with punk energy.

But I Wanna Write Love Songs – The Indigo Curve, June 17

Done a full write up on this one as well, check it here. Highly catchy 2000’s style indie rock with Julian Casablancas style vocals.

My All – Daniel Lanois, July 22

A beautiful instrumental piano piece from the dude who did a lot of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.

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