But I Wanna Write Love Songs Single Review

Man I love doing single reviews. Hated being single though, damn I’m glad to be married. Anyways. We’ve got a new single from Detroit based rock band The Indigo Curve, But I Wanna Write Love Songs released June 17, 2022 and recorded at Rust Belt Studios in Royal Oak by Jake Halkey, with an accompanying music video directed and created entirely by Andrew Brumfield.

WHO ARE THE INDIGO CURVE. Off their socials

Detroit Based Rock Band

The Indigo Curve

But I dug up a bit more since they got covered in a quick shoutout in The Detroit News

Lineup: Ish Chowdhury, vocals; Adam Liles, guitar; Michael Liles, keyboard; Niko Kannapell, bass; Markus Kennedy, drums

The Detroit News

I listened back on their self titled EP from 2021 and I’d coin them as a 2000’s style indie rock band with elements of punk rock and psychedelic.

The single is addictive and high energy. It’s surprisingly dynamic for its length as well with a great guitar tonal shift from a crunchy, almost sharp guitar tone to a cleaner, reverb soaked and frantic guitar solo. The keys do a fantastic job at carrying these tonal changes throughout the song providing fantastic atmosphere. The drums help carry this dynamic feel with a switch from a heavy tom portion to a fast, cymbal heavy section. The bass is deep and has solid impact. My favorite element however, is the Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) style vocals which almost feel a little separate from the rest of the music, with a highly compressed and somewhat laconic vocal style that serves as the cherry on top to a superbly produced indie bop.

I’m not really a video critic, but I enjoyed the focus on intimate backstage style footage, and felt like it was really brought to life by the fast-cut editing and paper cut out animation style. It’s undeniable interesting and the song itself as I said, is a fucking bop. I mean, I pretty much always gush, but I fell like y’all would be pretty dumb not give this song a listen or check out the video. Definitely doesn’t suck.

Oh, and their playing at The Loving Touch in Ferndale tomorrow June 24th

The Detroit News Article

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