Oh My Goodness! Review

Long time no see eh? I’m really terrible at keeping a schedule. If you know me, this is no surprise. This stuff is coming to a permanent home on DirtWitchrecords.com by the way. This Music Blog Sux as a standalone site is going the way of the dodo, because, site hosting costs money. Anyway…. Listened to any good music lately? I have. Nifty little EP called Oh My Goodness! From Detroit punkers the Antibuddies. 

So who are the Antibuddies? Here’s a useful quote

“Gettin’ it done.”

So there ya go…

Really though the Antibuddies are a punk/grunge three piece from Detroit, seemingly active since around 2021. They call themselves triplets and definitely do share a unified vision, with a strong punk/metal voice that to me, stands a bit out of the pack

Oh my!

Oh My Goodness! Was released January 8th 2022 with the following credits

Recording & Mixing by James Sterling Lees

Jenny – bass & vox

Cale – guitar & vox

Emily – drums

The album goes by blisteringly fast at just under 7 minutes and four songs. No chance to get bored. Not that you would. What usually turns me off of  hardcore punk bands is the self-seriousness, and I don’t sense any of that coming from the Antibuddies. They seem to take a more fun, sardonic approach like I’ve seen from bands like WIMPS, or maybe even a bit of the DNA of thrashers like Municipal Waste. I think this approach keeps even their heavier songs from losing the upbeat energy, and makes them catchy and exciting. Songs like Boomer Karen and #men stand out especially, getting lodged a bit in my brain before I could really even decipher the words, then lodging themselves further in at lines like “Live Laugh Love, Die Hate Scream” or the (from what I’ve heard) too close to home for most women verse of #men

“Hey! I don’t mean to interrupt

Hey! Are you having fun?

Hey! If he’s getting creepy

You can rely on me

I can pretend like we’re old friends

I can distract him with questions

I can walk you home

If you wanna be alone”

On a broader level the band stays on the heavier side of punk, often seeming to straddle a line between hardcore and thrash metal, with certain tracks reminding me of the guitar of Kveltertak or the aforementioned Municipal waste. Certain portions, especially in the song “Pastryarchy” delve into sludgier, almost doom metal territory that gives me a bit of a Melvins vibe. I really enjoy their ability to create variety without their songwriting feeling inconsistent.

The production is solid throughout with it clearly benefiting from the smaller band size It feels like the drums, guitar and bass all get their chance to shine, with my only negative being the bass drum occasionally overpowering (although it does give the tracks a harder drive) the low end. The drums are overall dynamic and properly drive the songs forward. Guitar techniques like the surf tremolo slide down in “#men” and the pick slide in “Don’t look at me” keep the punkier guitar riffs exciting. The bassline in “Don’t look at me” is just plain sexy. Vocals feel properly punk and compressed without completely losing vocal dynamics or techniques (Changing of the long scream in pastryarchy, the occasional vocal vibrato in Boomer Karen). The changing singers and punk style choruses do a great job at keeping everything focused and make it feel like a wholly collaborative effort. 

I always give this shit away, but yeah. I really like this EP. I keep coming back to it for a seven minute hype up. It makes me happy, which is something I can rarely say about hardcore punk music. Neat. I’m really excited to see where the Antibuddies go from here. I personally would love to see some more intricate songs from them, but I’ve got a strong bias as a progressive rock and metal nerd, so take it with a grain of salt. Yep, so good EP. Go listen to it. You get it.

You all suck 🙂


the Antibuddies:

Their Linktree: https://linktr.ee/TheAntibuddies

Their Upcoming Tour Dates (From their insta, check it for links)

5/14 @armageddonbeachparty
5/20 @flintcityhardciderco
5/21 @holland_haus419 Toledo
6/11 @corktownmusicfestival

Check me out!

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