End Of April Update & This Music Blurb Sux

First things first, a couple of missed releases

Have an album slated for the end of May from Justin H.K. & The Existential Dread (collabing with myself), and have been working with lots of hand percussion, to make some folky, ambient stuff.

Check out the DWR indie and alt playlist with some folks we’ve covered on TMBS before

A few highlights (This Music Blurb Sux)

Kyoto Protocol – Kyle Kaos: I have bias as it’s DWR, but man this song is catchy

Sleeping In The Dark – Sick Day: Fantastic, catchy, emotional

Tear Jar – Headfirst: Resurgence of that delicious 2000’s emo

W/o U – Deep Bloom: I think I covered this song?, jazzy and chill with great bass

#Men -the Antibuddies: Contagious energy and anger!

Also, taco shirt

Make sure to follow the soc. meds.

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