HI 5 12/3/22

Last HI 5 for the year as the releases slow down, and I work on my year end content. Probably start it back up in mid January depending on when music releases pick back up, ’tis the season for pandering holiday bullshit and you won’t see that on HI 5.

Walker “Not an Apology” Nov 30

Walker’s music is sensual and chilled out, it occupies a cool space between jazz and r&b. Love the background vocals on this one, subtly important to the song.

Gregor McEwan “The End.” Dec 2

I love when an accent comes out in a singing voice, and Gregor McEwan’s singing voice is lovely. I love his gentle and biting political angst.

Chanel Loren “F4U” Dec 1

I still have “Rollin’” stuck in my head and Chanel Loren comes out with another fucking banger. Rude.

pijama land “Cleo” Dec 2

I don’t know how to do the accent thing that makes this properly French, but oh well. This song makes me want to dance on x, race a car, or… be a bicycle?

Hopping Fences “Shoplifters Mugshot” Nov 27

Love me some lo-fi, and this sounds like some old The Mountain Goats but angrier, and more, folk punk ya know?

I did a song and included it, would ya’ look at that. I re-debuted a more me The Existential Dead with “Burn The Witch,” which I think turned out pretty neat.

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