HI 5 9/16/22

I’ve almost been married a year. That’s pretty neat.

Indi Faulkner-“Reality” September 9

I really love the 70’s sci-fi vibe from both the song and the album art. Indi Faulkner’s music reminds me of one of my favorite indie pop artists Mirah, with its dynamic, and somewhat dark feel.

Yb.-“Sandra” September 7

I have to admit I’ve been poaching a lot of Spotify’s Fresh Finds. They’ve got some good stuff if you look. . Yb. delivers a song that seems to draw as much from indie rock as it does modern pop. Catchy AF as well.

Cartridge B-Sides-“Is it cool?” August 19

You can check out the full album review here. Cartridge B-Sides delivers nostalgic bedroom indie rock that feels like a reflection of 2000’s indie like The Strokes. Is it cool? It is cool.

Shoplifters Mugshot-“I’ve Got No Strings (On Me)” September

Folk Punk. Fuck Yeah. I love the ferocity of the vocals and guitar playing, and it really makes you forget you’re just listening to one man and a guitar.

The Milk Men-“Gabba Gabba Hey” September 9

The Milk Men out of the UK love American punk. You can check the full review at Rock At Night here. This song is a catchy love letter to the golden days of The Ramones.

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