Bogue Millionaires Digital Distribution

Howdy y’all. An update to let you know we will be digitally re-releasing music from Kyle’s college band, Bogue Millionaires. I’m going to go backward for this one, releasing their split with Radiator Hospital and then their first venture in about another 6 months. The music is going to be up August 14th (Kyle’s B-day).

I’d describe the music as high energy garage punk, with fantastically done lo-fi production and heavy pop sensibility. Bogue Millionaires songs hit you so fast you you can’t help but go back for another listen.

Bogue Millionaires was a garage rock/punk band in Michigan from 2009 to 2012. Members included Kyle Kehus on guitar and vocals, Alex B on bass, and Laura P on drums. Kyle and Alex were friends in high school and were previously in the band Goodbye Heffalumps together. They met Laura while attending Michigan State University and the three founded Bogue Millionaires. They released “Bogue Millionaires Play Selected Hits with Originals” in January 2010 and a Split with Radiator Hospital in August 2010. They frequently played shows in the East Lansing and Grand Rapids scenes. Kyle passed away in 2018 but more of his music can be found from his solo punk rock project, Kyle Kaos. – H. Hurst-Kehus

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