HI 5 7/17

Long time no see eh? Well, I got a new part time job, and then Covid. So, woops. Anyways hopefully we’ll get back to some more substantial stuff soon, but for now I got some quick updates, and some picks with a playlist at the bottom. You checked out Birthday Boi Bash, available anywhere you listen to music yet? You should. Also, I’m working on another symphony. They are fun to write. Anywho.

Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome, The Mountain Goats July 11

I try not to cover larger bands here, but I just love The Mountain Goats so goddamn much. This song is fast, aggressive and catchy as fuck.

Meet Me at the Park, Sick Day July 15

Sick day continue to move up and produce great tracks as they do so. In fact this song got a little write-up in Under The Radar Mag which is worth checking out. Ethereal and chilled out this song channels dreamy pop with an underlying sense of unease and atmosphere.

That’s Life, Shoplifter’s Mugshot July 15

This folk-punker delivers a high energy tirade against our current wasted lives. The guitar is hectic, and the vocals are the perfect raspy folk punk angst. Topped off with some interesting editing.

Skeletons, Hunyor July 15

This is a song you play depressed in your room at 2am. Dreamy pop with good progression, and vulnerable passionate vocals. Also has a video.

Rome, Secret Tween July 15

An instrumental wall of sound off “Film School Boyfriend Disc Two”, I love the build this song has while seeming to stay in the same place.

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