“I Can’t Take Back (The Things I Said)” Single Review

I’m going to rock some top tier hipster shit and rep a band that only just now exists. Take that, other hipsters I guess. Anyways, some insta savvy indie pop band friended me, dropped a fuck ton of promo, and has a single out today so… “I Can’t Take Back (The Things I Said)” by The Pop Of Gray.

So, who is The Pop Of Gray. No idea.

How’s the song then. Well, I like it, otherwise I wouldn’t write about it.

The song is unabashedly a retro style, 80’s pop song. The singing and lyrical themes are suitably melodramatic (in a good way of course), and the vocal production is clean and precise, which suits the genre. The background beat is a lovely and unabashed drum machine beat and is constant and incredibly danceable. The melody from the synths is simple but an effective earworm, and the clean guitar solo is suitably melodic, and doesn’t make the mistake of trying to overwhelm the song.

Oof, normally I’d do a where do I want to see them go from here, but this is a first song, so, nah.

Anyways, the song is good, listen to it, here be some links


The Pop Of Gray:


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