The Way Things Will Be: Update

Soo, some changes are coming.

Big changes that won’t change all that much. So, what’s happening?

  • Justin Hurst And The Existential Dread is going into archive mode, and exclusive to bandcamp.
  • Justin Hurst (Punk) will be found exclusively on Bandcamp under Justin H.K.
  • This Music Blog Sux is moving to Dirt Witch Records

I’ll try to roll out post that explain what exactly is happening and why later, but for now, broad strokes. Other than that, things are going well. Lots’s of Justin H.K. stuff in the works, and some stuff in the long term works for The Existential Dead. December 3rd the single “Backwards From Three” arrives on all platforms with an EP soon to follow. Kyle Kaos’s half of the excellent Total Request EP with Radiator Hospital is coming to all platforms December 14. Check out the hyperfollows for both below, and make sure to follow both Justin H.K. and Kyle Kaos on Spotify to always be aware of new releases. Join the mailing list for DWR as well to keep up to date on releases as well as music reviews and editorial content from This Music Blog Sux. Peace and Love Friends, will fill in the blanks with more information soon.

P.S. Speaking of, turns out I missed an excellent show with Jay Skaggs and Matt Bastardson At ExFer, so in loo of me checking them out for you, make sure to check out their Insta’s.

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