WYLDCAT’s CatAtonic Preview

Got my hands on some music from the future. That’s right, this transmission is coming to you from the future, and I’m going to tell you it’s bleak. Well, ok maybe not but I do have a pre-release preview of WYLDCAT’s debut chiptune album “CatAtonic,” out September 22. It does kind of sound a bit like the future, while drawing from the past. It’s pretty neat. 

WHO IS WYLDCAT? I feel I’ve personally really missed out on an opportunity by not having my musical alias also sound like the name of a superhero. Anyways, who is WYLDCAT? WYLDCAT is Stuart Sanchez, and a Gameboy Advance. Well, maybe it’s a bit more complicated than that, but that is the soul of it. Stu is another person I know from the scene around the unfortunately closed “Exferimentation Brewing Company” in Pontiac, and I’ve gotten the chance to see him perform a bit before. He drew these huge sounds from his tiny Gameboy Advance and delivered some really high energy chiptune. It’s really cool to see these efforts manifest themselves into an album with “CatAtonic.”

I used to listen to a decent bit of chiptune music, and have actually tried my hand at making some before. WYLDCAT is certainly much more successful at it than I ever was. I was just sort of fooling around, but you can tell WYLDCAT’s music comes from a very genuine place of passion for the genre of chiptune and electronic music as a whole, as well as a specific nostalgia for the Gameboy Advance and its distinct tonal palette. At its core “CatAtonic” is dance music, with irresistible bass lines and satisfying bass and kick drums. I really love the way the more primitive consoles are manipulated to create drums in chiptune music and the drums in “CatAtonic” are especially excellent. WYLDCAT does a great job at manipulating the sounds available to deliver some great melodic hooks, as well as a dreamy sort of nostalgia fogged atmosphere. I can really imagine myself bopping along in some GBA side-scroller to these tracks.

For a debut effort, the three tracks I’ve gotten to listen to “Cat Khan,” “Cat Walk,” and “Chem Cat” show strong composition and variety. All three deliver an irresistible head boppiness, but deliver it different ways. It feels appropriately like moving on to a different stage in a video game without being strictly tied compositionally like video game music can be. I’m excited to get to listen to the whole album on September 22 with everybody else. To let out my inner dad; I enjoyed the “demo” and I’m excited to play the “full game.” 

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DWR Singles Roundup 6/28

Going to try something a bit more short form, I really need to work on some fiction. Anyway, I curate sometimes. So, here’s five singles you should get your ears on, and one recommended Dirt Witch Records track. At the bottom I’ll post a playlist with the songs attached and a larger playlist curated by Dirt Witch.

  • Sick Day: Stars Shining Over Me
    • Released June 17 2022
    • Sick Day is indie rock group based in Chicago(?)
    • I’ve actually done a show review of Sick Day before (I bought a hat), and they are, well sick. Their new single is no exception. Its emotional and dynamic, with an indie pop style chorus that moves into a more rock n’ roll chorus and verse, with fantastic drumming that carries the song through the movements, and some cool choral style vocals near the end to increase the impact of the final chorus.
  • Art Of Conversation: A Dream To Hold Onto
    • Released June 10 2022
    • Art Of Conversation is a 5 piece indie rock/ indie pop band out of Detroit
    • This song is super soulful, and full of atmosphere. To be honest, this song makes me want to slow-dance with my wife. This has to be some of my favorite steel guitar in a song, ever, and all of the instrumentals come together beautifully, and support the soulful singing.
  • sleepyhead: Centrefold
    • Released August 13, 2021
    • sleepyhead are an indie pop duo out of Manchester, England
    • This song is fucking addictive. It holds true to brit pop rock, with program drums, synthy bass and constant, down-strummed high register guitar. The vocals are perfectly laconic, and the chorus is catchy as fuck.
  • RUMKICKS: Goodbye Song
    • Released August 18, 2020
    • RUMKICKS are a punk (mostly duo) out of Korea
    • A bit old, but man this song is fucking cool. Do you like fast punk guitar, drums, and choral style vocals. Do you like all of that in Korean?
  • Loops & Loops: Everything Changes
    • Released November 5, 2021
    • Loops & Loops is a shoegaze/ambient/indie/dream pop project out of New York
    • This song is positively dreamy. The shoegaze is strong here with dreamy reverb soaked vocals over a soundscape of who knows, direct bassy drums and a clean, reverb heavy guitar.
  • Kyle Kaos: Bennie’s On Bennies
    • Originally released Jun 2012
    • Kyle Kaos was a punk project out of Chicago (Music being re-released digitally by Dirt Witch Records)
    • This is the song that makes me feel like I can get to know Kyle the most. I love the story style of the song, and the production is so perfectly lo-fi. Kyle’s guitarwork is punky but varied, always serving the song. I mean, I have obvious bias, but this song is fucking perfect.