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I’m going to try names for this format until I feel like one sticks. Anywho, here’s some newish tracks I’ve enjoyed. You’ll find a playlist at the bottom, with an attached weekly pick from Dirt Witch Records.

“Coward” by Ghostmarket, July 1st

Off of Ghostmarket’s debut wastelands these Portland post-rockers deliver a pensive song with a great western feel, and I love the progression and slow intensity of this song.

“The River Don’t Want Me Yet” by Loops & Loops, July 1st

Single from bedroom producer and lofi genius Loops & Loops mostly out of New York, this thoughtful and gloomy folk song is enhanced with fantastic production and atmospheric synths.

“Ghost Piano” by Of House, June 24

Off of their latest album Ripoffs these Detroit indie-poppers deliver a high energy, but ambient and pensive bop with a fantastic bassline and atmosphere.

“Never Hide The Herb” by Julian Belvedere, June 24

Debut single from a folk-punker out of UK this Frank Turner esque ode to the herb winds through tongue and cheek lyrics and driving horns.

“Remember” by Walter Mmari, July 1

Single from Walter Mmari, ambient and electronic artist out of South Africa, I love the floaty synths and constant strings, it reminds me a bit of the Westworld theme, definitely a headphones song.

“Room”: Album Breakdown

Going to try something new. I obviously can’t review my own albums, but I’m going to pretend anyone cares, and write down some of my thoughts, and some insights onto this new album, which released, today ya’know.

I started recording the album on 4/12 (thanks computer files) and the last song was started on 4/21. As far as I recall, only The Ropes was written ahead time, maybe two three days. I wanted to create something that fused, and would work with both The Justin HK and The Existential Dread projects. The overarching goal was some songs that were more folk rock in structure and post rock in structure combined with more ambient, electronic, and drone style instrumentation. Anywho, TRACK BREAKDOWN:

  • The Ropes: Written about codependent relationships vaguely, and one of the few on the album I can effectively play live
  • bastard: Attempted to do a vaguely Latin flair, wanted something chill but mildly catchy.
  • Brittle Hands: Written mostly about how evil is mixed with utter mundanity, along with Late To The Party it was more punk rock inspired.
  • I Learned To Sing Hallelujah: A song about difficulty in communication, especially in relationships. The other one of the album I can play live, probably the most folk-rock track of the album.
  • twotwenty: A wholly experimental song with two audio tracks going off in stream of conciousness tangents. Like Brittle Hands is vaguely talking about mundanity and evil. Got a pretty cool effect out of using my cheapo keyboard plus my guitars wah wah pedal.
  • Late To The Party: My personal favorite, a heavier punk track about nothing in particular. I’m really happy with the way the heavier guitar fit in with the very pixel style synth.
  • A Flurry Of Blows: Another wholly experimental song essentially made to get a physical reaction, ideally making the listener feel uncomfortable. Who said music has to be fun.
  • A Light: The annual 4/20 jam. Ambient mixed with post rock and some reverse nonsense, kinda’ just a really long guitar solo.
  • Shroud Of Smoke: The most ambient of the album, with drone-ish and bass led riffing, as well as a footstep style hand percussion
  • Just A Passing Thought: Ostensibly a indie dream pop song, more akin to my stuff off the album “(float)”

Anyway, it’s obviously the best album ever written, so give it a listen.

If instead you would like to support me more directly, check the album out on bandcamp and pay, whatever you like.


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