HI 5 10/23/22

I’M LATE! Well, I set the schedule so maybe not. Music. MUSIC!

Coconut Wolf -“Fresh Prince Of Self Flair” October 14

Love the floaty, breezy beat. Dudes flow kind of reminds me of MF DOOM, so great.

hey, nothing – “i haunt ur dreams” October 12

Emo folk pop. Love the aesthetic.

Wunderhorse – “Butterflies” October 7

Off of the full album Cub, “Butterflies” has some pretty epic post-rock vibes, and has some Pink Floyd flavor when the vocals kick in, satisfying and climactic song.

Fazing – “Be My Boo” October 9

I’ll be your boo. I love bedroom pop, and I love the low post-punk style vocals. There’s a really solid warmth to the production that feels like a lo-fi blanket.

Loops & Loops – “Reflection on Where The Grass Don’t Grow” October 21

Off of the full album Analog Alchemy, “Reflection on Where The Grass Don’t Grow” offers a depth of sound and richness that is usually only on offer from industry vets like Brian Eno. Loops & Loops ambient undertakings are always a vibe.

P.S.: The Existential Dread just released a new single(with more soon to come), EFFECT, which you can check out wherever you listen, or right here.

HI 5 8/2/22

Music? Music.

Red Scarves – DKHTBA, July 27

I really enjoy Red Scarves version of jazzy indie rock. This song is catchy and well written, with fantastic production.

Private Party – Like It Or Not, July 23

Ultra upbeat indie rock out of South Wales. I love the urgency of the song and vocals.

Trevor and The Joneses – Love It, July 29

You can check out my full review here. Catchy garage rock with hints of surf.

Easy Sleeper – Actuary, July 29

Another fantastic, chill single from D.C. emo style rockers Easy Sleeper. Love the low vocals and atmosphere.

Loops & Loops – Twilight, July 29

You can check out the full album review here. Fantastic ambient that makes you feel like you’re floating.

Loops & Loops – Lost Thoughts Album Review

Have I reviewed an instrumental album? Why am I asking you? Who are you? Who am I? Anyways, Loops & Loops Lost Thoughts. Does that count as I tie in, because I didn’t know how to introduce this and the title of the album is Lost Thoughts? Am I clever now? I do believe I’ve mentioned Loops & Loops before. Loops & Loops is Peter Bogolub a long time musician and producer who makes chilled out ambient, folk, and electronic music. He does instrumental albums, as well as some pretty catchy singles like “The River Don’t Want Me Yet” (well, catchy if you like dark shit). This is one of the former, conveying heavy ambient vibes and spacey tones similar to the works of Brian Eno or Steve Roach. 

What I like about Loops & Loops’s instrumental works is that the heavy atmosphere delivered does not feel like it comes at the cost of melody or direction. Each instrument feels like it conveys an emotion, layering on top of each other and making something that lends itself to passive or active listening. Loops & Loops provides excellent sonic manipulation that drives the songs forward, even while it feels like you’re floating in place. This amounts to something that is not just interesting, but in songs like “Twilight” has a near drug-like meditative effect. 

I feel like thought must have been put into the progression of this album. Its subtle movement from bassier to more mid and high range tones give the album an uplifting effect. Lovelier still, the final song “Snowy Day” appropriately feels like it’s gently letting you down to the ground after you had drifted up into space throughout the album. 
Peter’s long time work as a musician makes itself evident in the craftsmanlike and subtle way this album is produced and constructed. I know ambient music isn’t for everyone, but I can’t imagine anyone complaining to find this on in the background, and I have a feeling, after a while they couldn’t help but listen closer. I think this is my favorite ambient work since Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon.

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HI 5 7/25

Ooo, that’s a good one. HI 5 7/25 sounds good. Anyway. I write for Rock At Night sometimes now, so keep an eye out for that, and here are some songs for you beautiful people. Pulling some older stuff for this one, not enough releases to stay as ultra current as I’d like.

MEG/\DETH TEE – OH Lonesome Ana, July 15

You can check out my full album review on Rock At Night here. My favorite off the album. Adult emo with stunning lyricism.

In Nature – sleepyhead, July 22

I believe I’ve mentioned this brit-pop band before, and they deliver another wonderfully catchy and upbeat single.

Mania – The Hourlies, May 21

You can check out a full EP review here. My favorite off the album, great riff-based indie rock with punk energy.

But I Wanna Write Love Songs – The Indigo Curve, June 17

Done a full write up on this one as well, check it here. Highly catchy 2000’s style indie rock with Julian Casablancas style vocals.

My All – Daniel Lanois, July 22

A beautiful instrumental piano piece from the dude who did a lot of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.

Announcement: Shh and The Sinfonietta Of Aimless Algae

Fairly quick update: I’ve got a couple of The Existential Dread albums in the wings coming at y’all pretty soon, and I may be working on another Symphony on one of my favorite themes, The West. Anywho..

Shh, August 5th

Chilled out soft rock with heavy bass and cajon


Sinfonietta Of Aimless Algae, August 19th

Light, airy folk and electronic with ambient tendencies


HI 5 7/17

Long time no see eh? Well, I got a new part time job, and then Covid. So, woops. Anyways hopefully we’ll get back to some more substantial stuff soon, but for now I got some quick updates, and some picks with a playlist at the bottom. You checked out Birthday Boi Bash, available anywhere you listen to music yet? You should. Also, I’m working on another symphony. They are fun to write. Anywho.

Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome, The Mountain Goats July 11

I try not to cover larger bands here, but I just love The Mountain Goats so goddamn much. This song is fast, aggressive and catchy as fuck.

Meet Me at the Park, Sick Day July 15

Sick day continue to move up and produce great tracks as they do so. In fact this song got a little write-up in Under The Radar Mag which is worth checking out. Ethereal and chilled out this song channels dreamy pop with an underlying sense of unease and atmosphere.

That’s Life, Shoplifter’s Mugshot July 15

This folk-punker delivers a high energy tirade against our current wasted lives. The guitar is hectic, and the vocals are the perfect raspy folk punk angst. Topped off with some interesting editing.

Skeletons, Hunyor July 15

This is a song you play depressed in your room at 2am. Dreamy pop with good progression, and vulnerable passionate vocals. Also has a video.

Rome, Secret Tween July 15

An instrumental wall of sound off “Film School Boyfriend Disc Two”, I love the build this song has while seeming to stay in the same place.

HI 5 7/5

I’m going to try names for this format until I feel like one sticks. Anywho, here’s some newish tracks I’ve enjoyed. You’ll find a playlist at the bottom, with an attached weekly pick from Dirt Witch Records.

“Coward” by Ghostmarket, July 1st

Off of Ghostmarket’s debut wastelands these Portland post-rockers deliver a pensive song with a great western feel, and I love the progression and slow intensity of this song.

“The River Don’t Want Me Yet” by Loops & Loops, July 1st

Single from bedroom producer and lofi genius Loops & Loops mostly out of New York, this thoughtful and gloomy folk song is enhanced with fantastic production and atmospheric synths.

“Ghost Piano” by Of House, June 24

Off of their latest album Ripoffs these Detroit indie-poppers deliver a high energy, but ambient and pensive bop with a fantastic bassline and atmosphere.

“Never Hide The Herb” by Julian Belvedere, June 24

Debut single from a folk-punker out of UK this Frank Turner esque ode to the herb winds through tongue and cheek lyrics and driving horns.

“Remember” by Walter Mmari, July 1

Single from Walter Mmari, ambient and electronic artist out of South Africa, I love the floaty synths and constant strings, it reminds me a bit of the Westworld theme, definitely a headphones song.

“Room”: Album Breakdown

Going to try something new. I obviously can’t review my own albums, but I’m going to pretend anyone cares, and write down some of my thoughts, and some insights onto this new album, which released, today ya’know.

I started recording the album on 4/12 (thanks computer files) and the last song was started on 4/21. As far as I recall, only The Ropes was written ahead time, maybe two three days. I wanted to create something that fused, and would work with both The Justin HK and The Existential Dread projects. The overarching goal was some songs that were more folk rock in structure and post rock in structure combined with more ambient, electronic, and drone style instrumentation. Anywho, TRACK BREAKDOWN:

  • The Ropes: Written about codependent relationships vaguely, and one of the few on the album I can effectively play live
  • bastard: Attempted to do a vaguely Latin flair, wanted something chill but mildly catchy.
  • Brittle Hands: Written mostly about how evil is mixed with utter mundanity, along with Late To The Party it was more punk rock inspired.
  • I Learned To Sing Hallelujah: A song about difficulty in communication, especially in relationships. The other one of the album I can play live, probably the most folk-rock track of the album.
  • twotwenty: A wholly experimental song with two audio tracks going off in stream of conciousness tangents. Like Brittle Hands is vaguely talking about mundanity and evil. Got a pretty cool effect out of using my cheapo keyboard plus my guitars wah wah pedal.
  • Late To The Party: My personal favorite, a heavier punk track about nothing in particular. I’m really happy with the way the heavier guitar fit in with the very pixel style synth.
  • A Flurry Of Blows: Another wholly experimental song essentially made to get a physical reaction, ideally making the listener feel uncomfortable. Who said music has to be fun.
  • A Light: The annual 4/20 jam. Ambient mixed with post rock and some reverse nonsense, kinda’ just a really long guitar solo.
  • Shroud Of Smoke: The most ambient of the album, with drone-ish and bass led riffing, as well as a footstep style hand percussion
  • Just A Passing Thought: Ostensibly a indie dream pop song, more akin to my stuff off the album “(float)”

Anyway, it’s obviously the best album ever written, so give it a listen.

If instead you would like to support me more directly, check the album out on bandcamp and pay, whatever you like.


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