HI 5 9/9/22

I heard some nasty imperialist died, anyways, let’s talk about music!

Leo Sun-“I Don’t Wanna Be Strong”, September 2

LA “booty rockin cowboy” and songwriter delivers this dreary and atmospheric slow love bop. The mellow instrumentation really suits the vulnerable vocals.

Easy Sleeper-“Dream Prison”, September 9

“Dream Prison” is suitably dreamy with its clean and melodic guitar soaked with atmosphere and backed by low, whispery vocals. Easy Sleeper always puts out music that makes me want to go for a drive, and just cruise along.

Ghost Orchard-“bruise”, August 30

The constant drums are pretty up in the mix with this song, and it gives a really hypnotic quality to all the subtle instrumentation and whispery vocals that is quite satisfying. This cryptic song demands to be listened to on repeat to decode.

sleepyhead-“Hoax”, September 9

Sleepyhead really are a power duo; recording, mixing, and distributing their upbeat indie pop out of Manchester. Their music is relentlessly earwormy, and full of hooks. The acoustic start to this song is unexpected, but fits the song amazingly in their hands.

The Lounge Society-“Blood Money”, August 26

This track off of The Lounge Society’s Tired Of Liberty drives forward with constant, upbeat drums and a relatively simple but horribly catchy guitar riff. I love the chaotic energy of the song.

HI 5 9/2/22

It’s September. I don’t have a point here, just making sure you were aware.

Hank – “Your Ex, Man”, August 28

Did I listen to this song initially because the band name is the name of my cat. Yes. Obviously. I have also listened to this catchy as fuck pop tune with folk elements several times since. It toes a great line between natural and more produced sounds.

Loops & Loops – “Can’t Shut It Out”, September 2

Loops & Loops consistently put out great singles and instrumental albums (I’ve written about them before). I love the intimate vibe of this track and the breathy, understated vocals are contrast wonderfully with dynamic instrumentation.

A Rueful Noise – “It’s Not That Kind Of Party”, August 26

Off of their EP Let The Revels Begin, this Lansing band delivers dramatic and dynamic indie rock that feels haunted (in a good way).

Red Scarves – “Robin”, August 24

This song feels a lot different than previous releases I’m familiar with from Red Scarves, and it is beautiful. A beautifully written and sung alt-country tune that makes me want to cry into a beer.

Bluhm – “Ranger”, September 2

Bluhm has been pumping out some wonderful singles, like “Everything” which you can read about here. I’m a sucker for a duet, and they move their dreamy sound in an alt-country direction that reminds me a bit of Shovels & Rope.

HI 5 8/26/22

Oh man, this is a good week for music, I had to cut stuff. Wild.

Blast Vegas-“Girls At The Pool”, August 19

Hyper fucking catchy dance rock with unhinged B-52’s style vocals and lots of surf flavor.

Gary Link-“Meet Me In Nashville”, August 16

Atmospheric alt-country with a great build throughout the song.

Julian Belvedere-“Bleeding on your new guitar isn’t folk punk (it’s just pretty cringe), August 26

A passionate and vulnerable song out this UK folk-punker about taking responsibility for your mental health issues.

Charlie Smith-“Reap what you saw”

Another gloomy single from singer-songwriter Charlie Smith with his haunting, and soulful vocals.

Mila Ziska-“Concrete Hearts”

Beautiful indie-folk with subtle instrumentation and dreamy vocals, reminds me of Maggie Rogers.

HI 5 8/11/22

The music keeps coming and it never stops coming. Like a pornstar I guess.

Loops & Loops – “Beautifully Volatile”, August 5th

More from Loops & Loops (and there always is, that man records). Dark and beautiful indie folk song.

The Greedy Beat Syndicate – “If You Want It”, August 5th

Funky and chill. Fantastic bass, love the snare sound.

Matthew Milia – “Keego Harbor”, July 16 2021

I’m completely ashamed to say I just got my ears on this album. I’m working on a review of this album right now, and this is the best off an amazing album. Thought provoking Americana.

The Mountain Goats – “Mark On You”, August 2

The final single (I think) coming out before Bleed Out (which I am obviously very excited for, The Mountain Goats have been my favorite band for like a decade at this point). I think I still enjoy “Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome” more, but I love how The Mountain Goats are introducing subtle and melodic electric guitar parts.

Cheap Teeth – “What A Feeling, What A Day”, August 11

You can find my full review at Rock At Night here. Highly dynamic, and lyrically excellent garage rock that feels like a blend of UK and American influence.

HI 5 8/2/22

Music? Music.

Red Scarves – DKHTBA, July 27

I really enjoy Red Scarves version of jazzy indie rock. This song is catchy and well written, with fantastic production.

Private Party – Like It Or Not, July 23

Ultra upbeat indie rock out of South Wales. I love the urgency of the song and vocals.

Trevor and The Joneses – Love It, July 29

You can check out my full review here. Catchy garage rock with hints of surf.

Easy Sleeper – Actuary, July 29

Another fantastic, chill single from D.C. emo style rockers Easy Sleeper. Love the low vocals and atmosphere.

Loops & Loops – Twilight, July 29

You can check out the full album review here. Fantastic ambient that makes you feel like you’re floating.

HI 5 7/25

Ooo, that’s a good one. HI 5 7/25 sounds good. Anyway. I write for Rock At Night sometimes now, so keep an eye out for that, and here are some songs for you beautiful people. Pulling some older stuff for this one, not enough releases to stay as ultra current as I’d like.

MEG/\DETH TEE – OH Lonesome Ana, July 15

You can check out my full album review on Rock At Night here. My favorite off the album. Adult emo with stunning lyricism.

In Nature – sleepyhead, July 22

I believe I’ve mentioned this brit-pop band before, and they deliver another wonderfully catchy and upbeat single.

Mania – The Hourlies, May 21

You can check out a full EP review here. My favorite off the album, great riff-based indie rock with punk energy.

But I Wanna Write Love Songs – The Indigo Curve, June 17

Done a full write up on this one as well, check it here. Highly catchy 2000’s style indie rock with Julian Casablancas style vocals.

My All – Daniel Lanois, July 22

A beautiful instrumental piano piece from the dude who did a lot of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.

HI 5 7/17

Long time no see eh? Well, I got a new part time job, and then Covid. So, woops. Anyways hopefully we’ll get back to some more substantial stuff soon, but for now I got some quick updates, and some picks with a playlist at the bottom. You checked out Birthday Boi Bash, available anywhere you listen to music yet? You should. Also, I’m working on another symphony. They are fun to write. Anywho.

Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome, The Mountain Goats July 11

I try not to cover larger bands here, but I just love The Mountain Goats so goddamn much. This song is fast, aggressive and catchy as fuck.

Meet Me at the Park, Sick Day July 15

Sick day continue to move up and produce great tracks as they do so. In fact this song got a little write-up in Under The Radar Mag which is worth checking out. Ethereal and chilled out this song channels dreamy pop with an underlying sense of unease and atmosphere.

That’s Life, Shoplifter’s Mugshot July 15

This folk-punker delivers a high energy tirade against our current wasted lives. The guitar is hectic, and the vocals are the perfect raspy folk punk angst. Topped off with some interesting editing.

Skeletons, Hunyor July 15

This is a song you play depressed in your room at 2am. Dreamy pop with good progression, and vulnerable passionate vocals. Also has a video.

Rome, Secret Tween July 15

An instrumental wall of sound off “Film School Boyfriend Disc Two”, I love the build this song has while seeming to stay in the same place.